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Boxing Day Fiesta

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This is not the first time I am London on Boxing day, but have never participated in the popular Boxing day shopping spree.  However, I participated in this year’s ‘fiesta’.

I used to watch on television how some shoppers set out early to the shops on the day, joining a stampede in their quest to be the first to grab the ‘devalued’ products at shops making sales on the day.

Some even end up bruised or with cuts from broken door glasses usually shattered in the rush.

While others spend long time on queue to gain entrance to a particular shop having sale.

I don’t belong to the early birds to shops, as I left my abode about 3 pm on boxing day to go and browse through the collections in some high street shops especially those at the popular Oxford street.

I didn’t have a particular product in mind apart from an external hard drive I would like to procure to support my already full drive and memory sticks.

If you can’t beat them…

So I joined other shoppers ‘browsing’ from shop to shop looking for cheap bargain.

I was criss crossing the shops wondering about the sheer number of people hunting for cheap products.

Then I thought about the retailers, why not reduce the prices of their products all year long if at all they can afford to lower the prices on boxing day.

Can someone with some elementary knowledge of how the high street retail educate me on why this is so?

At the end of the day I retired  back home with a big cold protective jacket, unfortunately it wasn’t part of the products on the sale fiesta.

As for the Hard Disk, I think I will be more comfortable getting it online as I couldn’t endure the walk and the walk between the crowd.

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December 26, 2009 at 9:08 am

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