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What is wrong with Metropolitan line?

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Can someone tell me why Metropolitan line almost always have problem during the weekend? For those who don’t know, Metropolitan line is part of the underground tube run by the Tranport for London under the oversight function of the Mayor of London.

The line according to informations I gathered was the first underground railway in the world.

However, the line which is said to the fastest train on the London underground network could now be said to be a ghost of its former self.

Almost every weekend, it is either the Aldgate to Baker street arm of it is closed or the entire line is close.

From my interaction with some travelers who have been flighting the way for the past many years, I was made to understand that the line has been having such a problem for a long time.

As long as this problem is not brought under control, I think those of us whose fate lies in using the train for gaining access to Central London especially during Weekend will have to stuck with the problem for some other time to come.

Written by danmakaranta

December 9, 2009 at 11:56 pm

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