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The London Street Markets

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London is a home to a variety of big and popular shopping malls, ranging from Tesco, Lidl, and Sainsbury’s etc, where you can go in and buy almost all the stuff you are looking for.

This cuts down the need to go from one shop or another, or even crisscrossing the lanes and pathways of the street markets scouting for products.

However, some people still prefer to do their shopping at London’s street markets.

Statistics indicate that there are around 90 major street markets in London where people visit to buy stuffs they need for the running of their daily affairs.


One feature of this markets that differentiate them from the shopping malls is bargaining.

In the shopping malls products have a fixed price on every item, which are calculated at the end of the shopping and the customer pay a fixed total.

As for the street markets, costumers can bargain for a prize of the product to be reduced even if the product has a fixed tag.

Some ascribed their love for street markets to their interest in doing things the traditional way.

Some however see it as a way to while away time, do ‘window’ shopping or even get to see things they may not likely see in the city’s big shopping malls.

Popular among those markets include Camden, Portobello, Whitechapel etc.

This reminds me of the market days back in rural Nigeria where markets only operates on certain days of the week.

This shows that despite the modernity and advancement in technology, people still like things that remind them of the past.

Did I hear you say ‘Iron Age’?

Written by danmakaranta

October 26, 2009 at 10:58 am

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