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The new word that is reverberating in the media industry is the word convergence.

The Wikipedia defined convergence as  “The rise of digital communication in the late 20th century made it possible for media organizations (or individuals) to deliver text, audio and video material over the same wired, wireless or fiber-optic connections. At the same time, it inspired some media organizations to explore multimedia delivery of information.”

Convergence to me is a departure from the way things are being done in the media industry before, where individual media stick to one form or platform of disseminating information to its audience be it Radio, Television or Newspaper.

In Nigeria where I come from, almost every newspaper has its own website, where it publishes the news going out in its daily publication.

You can now read newspapers like Thisday, Daily Trust, Vanguard, Guardian, Leadership, Nigerian Tribune etc free online.

Charging for content

One of the Newspapers called the Punch, is however charging for its content and has therefore made subscription a must for anybody who want to read its content online.

But of recent, I’ve realised that they’ve rescind the decision and their contents are free again.

Television stations are not left out in using the web to reach its audience or gain more audience.

You can even watch live newscast on Channels Television online.

It is however limited to its most popular News item  i.e News at Ten in the night.

Many radio stations are also live on the web.

You can stream stations like Capital FM Abuja live without much hassle.

The national broadcaster NTA is also live online.

News on Demand

You can also watch items on demand meaning recorded dispatches from live telecasts.

Radio and Television stations are also in the habit of clipping some of their programmes and place them online for their listeners who missed it or may want to listen to it again.

With this now, Nigerians especially those living abroad can now follow events going on in the country and share their comment online which sometimes get published in the hard copy of the newspapers or get their views read on air in case of Radio and Televisions.

Convergence is indeed a positive development in the media industry in Nigeria.

But, of what benefit could that be for the common man in Nigeria?

Written by danmakaranta

October 13, 2009 at 5:23 pm

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